State institutions and authorities

President of the Republic of Lithuania 
Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
The Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Vilnius municipality institutions

Vilnius city municipality
List of companies, enterprises and institutions of Vilnius city municipality
Vilnius district Municipality
List of companies, enterprises and institutions of Vilnius district municipality

Free psychological support services

Association “Kraujas”
Youth line
Crisis Management Center
Help for the relatives of those who committed suicide
Helpline for women
Helpline for men „Nelik vienas“
Child Support Center
Center for Addictive Diseases of the Republic
Silver line
Children’s line
The line of hope
Men’s line
Public institution SOTAS Social service volunteers
Child Development Center of Santaras Clinics of VšĮ Vilnius University Hospital

Other links

Institute of Hygiene
Lithuanian Nordic Walking Association
Lithuanian Heart Association
Lithuanian Tricycle Sports Association
„Mama mums rūpi“
Third Century University of Medardas Čobotas
National Education Agency
National Center for Public Health 
Department of Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control 
Elderly Association 
„Senjorų pasaulis“
„Ukrainos centras“
State Food and Veterinary Service
Public institution “Vilnius City Parks”
Vilnius marathon
Public institution „Active Vilnius“
Public institution National Blood Center
Public institution Men’s Crisis and Information Center
VU Suicidology Research Center
World Health Organization

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