Public Health Coordinators (Nutrition and Catering)
Public Health Coordinators (Nutrition and Catering) are professionals in the field of catering, who advise schools and kindergartens on catering issues: they assess the quality of the meals and services provided, the hygiene and safety of the catering environment, conduct consultation visits, carry out surveys and provide recommendations.
Public Health Coordinators (Nutrition and Catering) is:
Nutrition and catering advisor
Consults the school/kindergarten community, catering providers on matters of catering organization, provides recommendations.
Evaluator of food quality
Consults and makes suggestions for improving the quality of dishes.
Food Safety and Hygiene Supervisor
Responsible for assessing the catering environment, its safety and hygiene.
Nutritional survey data analyst
Conducts surveys regarding the quality of food served and provides recommendations.
Consultant on legislation governing nutrition and catering
Ensures that the latest catering requirements are applied in the school/nursery.