Helping refugees from the war in Ukraine: specialists publish a memo on health services in Lithuania


The Ministry of Health and the State Sickness Fund have prepared a memorandum that will help people who left Ukraine for Lithuania due to the military actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine to get concentrated and accurate information about health care services in Lithuania.

These foreigners, who left their homeland in the confusion of the war and finally reached Lithuania, have countless questions related not only to registration, accommodation, employment or education opportunities, but also to health care.

What health care services are available? Which ones are provided for free? How to get the required service and where to apply? What vaccines can be given? How to prolong the treatment of serious diseases? How do I get the medicine I need? All these and many other frequently asked questions are answered in the “Memorandum on health services in Lithuania for foreigners who left Ukraine due to the military actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine” prepared by specialists.

The memo is published in Lithuanian, English, Ukrainian and Russian on the websites of the health insurance funds and the Ministry of Health. It will also be distributed in paper format at migrant registration points, medical facilities, territorial health funds, etc.

You can familiarize yourself with the memo here >>>

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